Terms of Service

Welcome to Tvitni.com, the service for the analysis and monitoring of content on the Twitter social network.  
If you want to use the Tvitni.com service and services offered by LBS TEAM DOO, including, but not limited to creating campaigns, please read these Terms of Use, save them and accept them during the registration process.
During registration, the verification link will be sent to your e-mail, the reception of which you acknowledge by clicking the link.
Both contractual and legal obligations that apply to your use of the Tvitni.com service are listed in these Terms of Use.
These Terms of Use contain guidelines for the proper use of the Service Tvitni.com which relate to the content carried on the Service, the Privacy Policy, as well as any notices relating to the Service. 
These Terms of Use also contain a list of prohibited patterns of behavior on the Service, relating to your use of the Service.


These Terms of Use shall be governed by the general conditions for using the Tvitni.com service (hereinafter: Service), the registration process, way of buying campaigns, the protection of copyright and related rights as well as other important issues which are of importance for the operation and use of the Tvitni. com service, which is owned by the company LBS TEAM DOO Pancevo, IN: 21143251, PIN: 109213237, based in Pancevo, Trg Slobode 1, lamella 3 (hereinafter referred to as LBS TEAM).
Any use of the service Tvitni.com in whole or any part thereof which is not in accordance with these Terms of Use shall be deemed abuse of the services provided by LBS TEAM and violations of the Terms of Use.
Tvitni.com service is designed to analyze and monitor the content on the Twitter social network. Tvitni.com service users are: 

  • Registered users, i.e. companies or individuals that have registered for an unlimited use of the Tvitni.com service in order to create campaigns and use all the services provided by the Service and that access the Service by an application upon the registration in a manner prescribed by these Terms of Use;
  • Visitors, i.e. individuals that access the service for information, without registration and application.


Only individuals that have registered and accepted the provisions of these Terms of Use have permission to access the Tvitni.com service and use its services, including materials and services found on the Service (regardless of whether the access or use has been planned) if they agree to comply with all applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia and conditions of the Terms of Use. Upon the acceptance of these Terms of Use, users conclude a contract with the LBS TEAM.


 Tvitni.com service is intended for companies and individuals. Upon the registration and logging in the Service, you confirm and warrant that you will use this Service only for your personal use (individuals), or for the company needs (companies), in a manner consistent with all applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia and provisions of these Terms of Use.
The rights and obligations that you gain using the Service are not transferable, which means that you should not dispose of them (sell), give them to some other individual or company or assign your rights or obligations from this Contract. During the registration to the service, a registered user creates an account. You must not create accounts which include false information or information belonging to other parties. After creating the Account and obtaining the appropriate authorization or privileges by LBS TEAM, you gain the status of a registered user and you are held responsible independently and personally for any actions you undertake.


Registered users are required to keep the access code they need to use the Service all the time and never to disclose it to other parties. If they violate this requirement, registered users do so at their own exclusive responsibility and bear the full responsibility towards the damaged parties for any damage caused by such use of their accounts.
Registered users are required not to use the Account, user name or password of another user at any time. The obligation of each registered user is to inform LBS TEAM immediately if they suspect unauthorized use of their Account or access to the password.
Registered users are responsible for the overall use of their Account.
Users of the Service are prohibited to block, cover or alter the content that is generated by the LBS TEAM and to block or impede the smooth operation of the Service in any way.
The use of mechanisms, software or other software tools that can interfere with the normal activity of the Service is prohibited. Users must not take action which can lead to an inappropriate and excessive use of infrastructure or the overload of the Service. Such activities are subject to criminal and material responsibility. 
Users are obliged to compensate for any damage that they cause both to the LBS TEAM and other users of the Service.


This Agreement shall remain valid during the usage of the Service at all times. The LBS TEAM may change or terminate your status, including the Participant status, for any reason, at any time. Even then, this Contract shall remain valid.


All information regarding the functioning of the Service are in the FAQ section (the User Manual).


Service options are intended for business use (companies) and personal use (private individuals of age), which also may include promotional purposes but to be used directly for commercial purposes it is necessary to have special permission or authorization of the LBS TEAM.
The LBS TEAM reserves the right to remove any commercial content in its sole discretion. The LBS TEAM reserves the right to take all legal actions at its disposal in the event of any illegal or unauthorized use of the Services
The results of the campaign solely depend on the data obtained from Twitter through the API and the LBS TEAM does not in any way affect them nor is responsible for them.


Prices of services are shown in the Prices section.


Payment for services is carried out in dinars, according to the Price List, by credit cards (Visa and Master Card).


Immediately after the payment of services, or the confirmation that the transaction is successfully implemented, you will enabled to use the service Tvitni.com service or create the desired campaigns, except in cases of temporary unavailability of the site caused in the instances described in Article 12 of these Terms of Use.


A registered user has the right to submit complaints to the service provided and its quality within 30 days of the service provided (the end of the campaign). Upon the expiration of this period, a registered user loses the right to submit a complaint.
A user submits a complaint electronically via the contact page of the Tvitni.com service from the e-mail address of a registered user and the number of invoice to which the complaint relates must be provided. 
The deadline for resolving complaints is eight (8) days from its reception (excluding public holidays). If it is necessary to obtain the opinion of third party to resolve the complaint (apart from LBS TEAM), the user will be informed about it and the deadline for resolving complaints can be extended.
The LBS TEAM will notify users about the outcome of the filed complaint electronically to the e-mail from which the complaint will be sent. 
If the complaint is grounded, the LBS TEAM will eliminate defects within 15 days of acceptance of the complaint. If deficiencies cannot be eliminated, the user has the right to get reduced price of services in proportion to the absence of services rendered or return of the amount paid. The user may exercise this right only if the deficiency is not created by their fault or if the liability for the deficiency is not excluded from these Terms of Use.
The LBS TEAM is obliged to keep records and keep all complaints received at least 2 (two) years from the date of filing of the complaint by the user.


The LBS TEAM provides the services of analysis and monitoring of content on the Twitter social network through the Tvitni.com service.
The LBS TEAM does not guarantee the continuity of the usage of the Tvitni.com service, nor is it in any way responsible for any temporary unavailability, or for partially or completely non-functioning or incorrect functioning of the Service, or for the consequences that may arise from the usage of the Service.
The LBS TEAM is not responsible for technical problems that are a result of problems in the provision of electronic communications services or the data being downloaded from Twitter through their API.
The LBS TEAM does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and update of information that users enter when registering on Twitter as well as the accuracy of the data that users enter during the registration to the Service. Members agree and by agreeing to these Terms of Use are obliged to enter the correct information during the registration. The LBS TEAM is not in any way responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur by entering incorrect data for any third party.
The Service may be temporarily unavailable or available to a limited extent as a result of the routine system maintenance or in case of system improvements. The LBS TEAM will inform Users about the temporary or limited availability of services in due time, by posting on its website, social networks or any other suitable means.
The LBS TEAM reserves the right to modify, suspend (temporarily or permanently) any element of its Service as well as its services and content or input, without any prior or subsequent approval or notification based on good business practices and in particular to safeguard the integrity of the Service, data security and regular maintenance.
The LBS TEAM is not responsible for the campaign generated by users, their content and results. Also, the LBS TEAM is not responsible for any abuse of the data obtained.
The LBS TEAM is only responsible for the damage which it causes by its own committing to others intentionally or by gross negligence.

Following behaviors are not permitted at Tvitni.com service:
  • Entering false information during the registration on the Service;
  • Entering false information during the payment for services;
  • Transfer of rights and obligations that you gain by using the Service, which means that you must not dispose of them (sell), give them to the other party or assign your rights or obligations from this Contract;
  • Editing content that is generated by the LBS TEAM;
  • The use of mechanisms, software or other software tools that can interfere with the normal activity of the Service;
  • Taking action that might lead to inappropriate and excessive use of infrastructure or overload of the Service;
  • Abuse of Tvitni.com Service opportunities as well as the current failures in the operation of the software for personal benefit.


In no event shall the company, its suppliers or any third party mentioned on the Service be responsible for any damages (including, but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits or damages arising from the loss of data or business interruption) but which occur from the use of or inability to use the Service, regardless of whether it is based on a guarantee, contract, tort or other legal theory and regardless of whether you have been warned about the possibility of such damages. The LBS TEAM dissociates from Campaigns that are created by users, their content and consequences for third parties that may result created campaigns.


The LBS TEAM reserves the discretion to determine who may use the Service. If the user does not obey the laws of the Republic of Serbia, these Terms of Use and the List of prohibited conduct, the LBS TEAM has the right to terminate the contract with the User, or to disable access to the Service of this User. At the request of the competent authority, the LBS TEAM may also terminate the contract with the User. If the User does not want to use the Tvitni.com service, it is necessary to send the notice of termination via the contact page.


You agree that THE LBS TEAM is not responsible and will not compensate the damage for any loss, liability, claim or request including attorneys' fees made by a third party as a result of your participation in Campaigns, using the Service in a way that violates this Contract and/or arising from the breach of your obligations and warranties set forth above.


The LBS TEAM does not allow the use of the Service or reporting to the entities in the countries under sanction by the OFAC office, namely: Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.


All materials contained on the Service, including but not limited to text, design, graphics, interfaces or code as well as their selection and arrangement are protected by copyright as a collective work and trademark in accordance with the law and they represent intellectual properties of the LBS TEAM except where otherwise noted. Parts of the text, diagrams, logos or other information may be quoted within the content of this site, and the owners of this material retain rights over the material. You can download, present, send by e-mail, copy and print materials and graphics contained in the documents on the Service without their prior modification or alteration in any way.


The LBS TEAM has the right to change or amend these Terms of Use by publishing changes and amendments to the consolidated version on the internet address http://www.tvitni.com/tos and sending e-mail to all registered users at least eight days before the commencement of their application.
If a registered user continues to use the Service after amendments to the Terms of Use, it shall be deemed that they have accepted the new Terms of Use.
For all that is not regulated by these Terms of Use, current legislation of the Republic of Serbia is applied. For all disputes which may arise between the LBS TEAM and registered users related to the use of Service, valid regulations of the Republic of Serbia are applied. The Parties are obliged to attempt to resolve the dispute without any legal procedure and if they fail to do so, the court in Pancevo has jurisdiction.
These Terms of Use will be applicable eight days after their publication on the Internet address http://www.tvitni.com/tos.

In Pančevo, 01.02.2017.

Željko Subašić

Note: This document is computer-generated and is valid without any signatures and seals.