Privacy Policy


Article 1.

The LBS TEAM d.o.o. collects the necessary information from registered users who have agreed to this during the registration by accepting the Terms of Use of service. These data are used solely for the purpose of using service and sending invoices to registered users. The LBS TEAM uses collected data for presenting updates to registered users, providing feedback on the submitted suggestions, wishes, complaints and the like, as well as for promoting service in the aforementioned manner. The data collected must be true and complete and be based on a credible source, i.e. a source that is not outdated.

Article 2.

Before collecting data, the LBS TEAM d.o.o. informs the entity to whom the data relate about the following:

  • The entity is responsible for data collection of the LBS TEAM d.o.o. Pančevo, 1 Trg Slobode.
  • The purpose of collecting data is to enable the smooth functioning of service, security of registered service users and enabling to use the service in accordance with the law.
  • The collected data must be used in a way that allows the identification of the entity, registered users in accordance with good business practices, keeping trade secrets and the law.
  • The entities that use the information are those people who are employed in the LBS TEAM d.o.o. entitled to use the data, peeople with whom the member enters into a contractual relationship (to the extent that is necessary for the realization of this relationship) as well as all State authorities which have the right use of the data under the law and/or court decision.
  • The provision of personal data is voluntary and anyone who does not want to be a registered user of service is not required to leave any information, but leaving the data is required under the Law on Obligations in order to use the service.
  • The entity which has consented to the collection and processing of data can withdraw their consent at any time and without explanation and that leads to a legal consequence of the termination of the usage of service. Thus, any further collection of data from the entity which withdrew consent stops.
  • In the event of unlawful processing, entities have the right for the protection of personal data as well as other rights they are entitled to by law.

Article 3.

The data collected for the above-specified purposes are:

  • Individuals: name, address, e-mail address and IP address of each access to the service.
  • Companies: name and surname of the contact person, company name, address, telephone (optional), VAT number, company registration number, email and IP address of each access to the service.

Article 4.

Registration mode for service is adjusted by the Terms of Use of the service of the LBS TEAM d.o.o.

Article 5.

This Regulation shall come into effect on the day of its adoption and publication on service.

In Pančevo, 01.02.2017.

Željko Subašić

Note: This document is computer-generated and is valid without signatures and seal.