Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How to register?

A. To use the service, you need to register. By clicking on APPLY, you get forms for the application/registration. Open the registration form and fill in the fields (e-mail and password). By clicking on REGISTER, you accept the Terms of Use of the Service and acknowledge that you are of legal age. Subsequently, you will receive an e-mail (Successful registration), with a link to verify your e-mail address. You need to click on the verification link, fill in the required information (depending on whether you are an individual or a company), after which you have successfully registered for the service.

Q.What does panel contain?

A. Account - consists of Profile (you manage and edit your data),
Change password,
Twitter application tokens (you enter tokens) and
Orders (review of purchased campaigns and invoices).
Campaigns – you create and manage already created campaigns that are in progress. In this section, you can buy new packages. 
Buy more – you buy the offered packages. If you want to buy a package that is not offered, it is necessary to contact the LBS Team via the contact page. 
Logout – you logout from the service.

Q.How do I change the information in the account?

A. In the Account - Profile section, you edit data in your account. By clicking on EDIT, you will be able to delete the old and enter new data. To save them, you need to click on Update.

Q.How do I change my password?

A. In the Account - Change password section, you enter your new password, and then repeat it in the Repeat new password field. The new password should have a minimum of 6 characters. By clicking on Change, a new password will be remembered and a notice will arrive to your e-mail - Changed password.

Q.How to connect my Twitter account with the Service?

A. In order to create a campaign, you need to connect your Twitter account with the Service. In the Account - Twitter application tokens section, there is an instruction to connect. It is necessary to log in to your Twitter account at Then click CREATE NEW APP, fill out all the fields, accept the Twitter Developer Agreement and create your twitter application. In the Keys and Access Tokens section, copy Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) in the required fields and then generate Access Token and Access Token Secret and enter them into the fields. The whole process of token entry is done by clicking on SAVE.

Q.How to buy a package?

A. To launch the campaign, you need to buy a desired package. You can do it in two ways

  • In the Campaign section of the panel by clicking on Buy more or
  • In the Buy more section of the panel.

Four packages are available to you. Depending on your needs, you opt for one of them. After selecting the desired package, click on BUY NOW. A window to enter data from your card (brand, card number, expiry date, card holder and CVV) will appear. Clicking on the PAY NOW, you make a payment of the desired package. Once the transaction has been successfully processed, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have successfully purchased the campaign.
If you want a package that is not a part of the standard offer of the service, you should contact the LBS TEAM via the contact page.

Q.How to create a campaign?

A. When you have bought your desired campaign, you will be able to see your purchased plan with information about the purchase date, the expiration of the campaign and the number of purchased status in the section Plan. Clicking on the Create, start the campaign creation process. In the Enter Keyword field, type the word for which you want to create a campaign, and then click Go. You will receive an outline analysis of tweets for that word so that you can choose the best word for your campaign. When you select the desired word, click on Create. A window will open up for you to enter the name of the campaign (you can change this later) and the campaign's start date (if you want your campaign to start later). Other parameters are automated and these are: keyword and campaign end date. If you want to confirm the launch of the campaign, click on Create now, and if you want something to change, click on Cancel.

Q.How long does the campaign last?

A. Each campaign lasts 30 days from the date of creation or until the expiration of the purchased number of statuses. If your campaign has reached the purchased number of statuses before the expiration of one month, you will receive an e-mail with a notice that the campaign ended because of exceeding the allowed number of statuses.

Q.How to manage my campaign?

A. The Campaign section contains all your purchased packages and created campaigns. By clicking Open, you will open a page with all the information about the campaign and on which you manage the campaign.

Q.How to determine sentiment?

A. You specify the sentiment of each of your tweets in the campaign itself (Campaigns - by opening the desired campaign) in the TweetWall section. Under each tweet, you have the following options: Positive, Neutral, Negative and Irrelevant. By clicking on one of the options, you specify the tweet sentiment. To see the results after determining sentiments, it is necessary to refresh the page display.

Q.How to determine gender?

A. In the panel - Gender, you access the option to determine the gender of all participants in the campaign. Select the campaign in which you wish to designate the gender of the participants (Select campaign). All users of the Twitter who participated in the campaign will appear. Three options of gender are given: male, female and corpo (corporate account). By clicking on one of the options, you manually specify each user’s gender. If you need to look at the account of the user to determine the gender, click on the username.
For mass processing, it is necessary to select all accounts of the same gender by clicking on Group gender in the presentation of each account. When you select all the accounts of the same gender, click Group gender (under the button All users from campaign) and a window with gender options will open for you. Upon clicking on the desired gender, the system will assign the chosen gender to all selected accounts. When the process is completed, a notification 100% appears and then you can close the window by clicking on Close.

Q.How to assign other people to administer my campaign?

A. One of the options that service provides is also the independent creation of a link to the administration of a campaign and its sharing to desired people. In the Plans section, select the campaign you want to share, then click on the symbol for sharing (chain, right from the campaign name). A window will appear with two links. The first is for the public sharing of the campaign and the second link is for the administration of the campaign. It is necessary to share this link with a person so that they have the same rights as you. At any time, you can generate a new link for administration (by clicking on the refresh symbol left of the link) and thereby terminate the previous one, i.e. terminate the access to people who have administrator access. You can edit the link for administration an unlimited number of times.

Q.What number of excel reports can be created?

A. Number of excel reports is unlimited. You have the option to change the time scale of your campaign, at a time that is active, i.e. from the date of creation of the campaign until the end of the campaign. Each report that you generate depends on the selected time range.

Q.Where can I see an invoice for the purchased campaign?

A. In the Account – Orders section provides an overview of all purchased campaigns. The following information of any campaign is available: Campaign ID (Order ID), number of purchased statuses (Status limit), the date of the creation of the campaign (Date created), campaign status (Status), Price and Invoices.